Grand Corner Dental 014


Dental Hygienist

Nothing shakes the smiling heart."

-Santosh Kalwar

 What's your favorite place to smile in Spokane? 

  • Anywhere with friends, but especially on surrounding park trails, the Grand Terrace in the summer, and Italia Trattoria for brunch.

If you were a dental instrument what would you be and why? 

  • Air/water syringe, because it's not scary, but simply refreshing, and patients appreciate it.

Ok, why Dentistry?  

  • It's fun, and I'm very good at what I do. I enjoy connecting and sharing my life with others, and I appreciate how so many patients are willing to do the same with me. Their open communication, and trust in the care I'm able to provide, makes my time, away from my family, fulfilling and worthwhile in other ways! I learn a lot about "life" from my patients all the time, which is a daily reward, in itself, as a practicing Dental Hygienist.


A perfect day for me and my family is going to breakfast, some activity (either hiking, mountain biking, or road riding), and then a mid-day siesta. My husband, John, is the best at squeezing fun times into our schedules, and I'm so grateful for the partnership, love and family, we share."