Grand Corner Dental 014


Dental Hygienist

"Nothing shakes the smiling heart."

-Santosh Kalwar

 "I'm a busy wife and mother to three rambunctious kids most days, but when I get some time off, I love that I'm a dental hygienist at Grand Corner Dental!

 I look forward to associating with new and longtime patients, learning about their lives, and catching up since the last time they were in. I'm also very appreciative of our professional and fun team - my home away from home; and just all-around good people!

 A perfect day for me and my family is going to breakfast, some activity (either hiking, mountain biking, or road riding), and then a mid-day siesta. My husband, John, is the best at squeezing fun times into our schedules, and I'm so grateful for the partnership, love and family, we share."