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Dental Implants

Why implants?

Implants change peooples lives. They are the longest lasting treatment we have in dentistry, and the closest representation of your natural teeth in terms of strength, esthetics and durability. Implants can be utlized to replace single teeth, or support bridges, and full dentures. A denture supported by implants is retained in the mouth by the implants and provides the stability needed to eat with a chewing motion more like when you had your natural teeth.

Do implants hurt?

No. We have more anesthetic to make it pain free than our patients have nerves. And, the implant placement itself is a minor procedure with little post-treatment discomfort.

How long does the implant procedure take?

The initial implant placement can take a little as 45 minutes to up to a few hours for full mouth treatments. Later, there is a follow-up procedure once the bone heals around the implant.

Do you put me to sleep for implant placement?

Not usually, implant placement itself is a minor procedure and well tolerated by our patients.

How long until I have a tooth?

After an implant is placed, it is best to wait six months to allow your bone to grow around and hold the implant tight. During that waiting period we have three temporary tooth options for our patients. After six months, a permanent white crown (tooth) can be placed on top of the implant, and complete the procedure.

If you are interested in dental implants, please schedule a consultation to come in and see us in our South Hill Spokane office. We can give you the aesthetics and chewing you desire.

Implant Photos

  • Implant Posts
  • Single Tooth Implant
  • Implant Supported Bridge
  • Denture with Two Implants
  • Denture with Bar Support
  • Denture with Five Implants
  • Photos courtesy of Nobel Biocare