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Dental Hygiene for Overall Wellbeing

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Dental Hygiene Is More Than Just Pearly Whites

October is Dental Hygiene Month and it's no coincidence that it occurs near one of the biggest sugar celebrations, Halloween.

Studies show that dental hygiene is connected to a person's overall well-being. So much so, that some state departments of corrections have meth-related dental care programs because former meth users were not able to find employment with bad teeth.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Early Childhood Caries, more commonly known as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or Baby Bottle Mouth, rots the teeth of infants and toddlers who regularly drink sugary beverages such as juice or even soda from bottles. Decades of successful public educational programs reduced the incidence, but there are still pockets of the country where Baby Bottle Tooth Decay continues to be a problem.

Meth mouth and Baby Bottle Mouth describe two types of extreme, but preventable, tooth decay. While the impacts of extreme cases are visibly obvious, what is the impact of bad oral health on the average person?

Although silently, tooth decay and gum disease allow bacteria to invade our bodies and run amuck. Last month, we posted an article discussing how gum care is critical to overall health. This month, we're following that up by noting that both gum care AND tooth care create good oral hygiene. Tooth decay impacts affect an individual's facial structure and may require fillings and crowns. Extreme decay may require extractions then bridges, implants, partials, or full dentures to fill in the gaps. All of this can be avoided by taking five minutes a day to brush teeth for two minutes twice a day and taking a minute to floss once a day. See these links for answers to many questions on brushing, flossing, and toothpaste.

We're Here For You

No question is a silly question, so if you have any questions about your or your family's oral health, schedule an appointment so we can discuss dental care options (e.g., special toothbrushes, floss, dental picks, prescription toothpaste, prescription mouth rinse, and disclosing tablets). CLICK HERE for a list of ADA Accepted oral care products.