Get to Know Dr. Griffith

December 19, 2023

Get to Know Dr. Griffith

All of us at Grand Corner Dental think it's crucial patients feel comfortable with those helping them achieve and maintain their best oral health, which is especially true regarding a patient’s relationship with their dentist. In this article, we’ll help you get to know Dr. Stephen Griffith.

Dental Dreams

Even as a young boy, Dr. Griffith was interested in the medical field and biology. During high school, his dad introduced him to a local dentist who offered Dr. Griffith the chance to job shadow the dentist. At the time, the high school student could not imagine anyone wanting to look at teeth all day. But, after witnessing the dentist provide substantial treatment to a recovering drug addict and seeing how the dentist used patients to improve their smile, Dr. Griffith found his passion.

“I was immediately impressed at the impact that dentistry can have on someone’s life, and I really enjoy working with my hands to impact people’s lives. I kept finding myself learning more about dentistry and mission work and the way it can affect others.”

Dr. Griffith's Early Roots

Dr. Griffith grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago and attended Calvin College, a small Christian college in Grand Rapids, MI, where he met his wife, Erika. He returned to Chicago for dental school then was accepted into Swedish Hospital’s prestigious dental residency program, Seattle Special Care Dentistry, where he treated patients with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and patients with dental phobias. Dr. Griffith performed many procedures in Swedish Hospital’s operating room.


A Heart for Spokane

Following his residency, Dr. Griffith moved to Spokane and began working at Grand Corner Dental with Dr. Stan Sargent as a full-time associate dentist. Dr. Griffith saw Dr. Sargent as a mentor for both quality dental care and how to run a successful business. After two years, Dr. Griffith purchased Grand Corner Dental Clinic when Dr. Sargent retired.

Patients at Grand Corner Dental are used to the insightful care Dr. Griffith provides, much of which is founded on what he learned during his residency at Swedish Hospital in Seattle and from working closely with Dr. Sargent. Dr. Griffith’s goal is to grow Grand Corner Dental Clinic and bring on additional dentists who prefer working in a privately-owned clinic rather than a corporate clinic. He is interested in mentoring new dentists and supporting local businesses, artists, and the community, with a special emphasis on fostering philanthropic efforts both here and abroad. Dr. Griffith’s biggest dream is someday to open a dental clinic in an underserved third-world country.


Spokane’s South Hill is a wonderful place to practice dentistry, according to Dr. Griffith. Patients value the team and take to heart recommendations for better overall oral health. He loves the mix of diverse socio-economic patients at Grand Corner and its closeness to downtown cultural opportunities and the rural areas of the Palouse. The open roads there are of particular interest to Dr. Griffith as he unwinds on motorcycle rides. He also enjoys the outdoor opportunities available in and around Spokane, like skiing and deer hunting, in addition to time spent with his wife and young son.

Dr. Griffith's Team

Dr. Griffith appreciates how the entire Grand Corner Dental team is eager to help patients. Each of his team is an expert in their area and play an integral role in the Grand Corner Dental family. They are also self-sufficient and highly trust one another.

“I'm constantly learning from them. It shows how we integrate as a team. We are all so eager to help our patients; every staff member bends over backward for our patients. I am so lucky to have such a stellar staff.”

Dr. Griffith says that serving patients is a pleasure. One of his favorite aspects of dentistry is helping patients face-to-face by sharing details of dental procedures so patients can understand the reason for specific treatments. He enjoys sharing his insight and talents to help patients feel comfortable and gaining patients trust by treating them with honesty and respect. He also enjoys giving patients more than they expected and changing the common perception of a dental office.

“I have so many patients that state they have never had a dentist explain what was happening during their treatment or why it was being done. That they felt ignored if they were uncomfortable, I love the level of trust that patients have with me.”

Besides practicing dentistry in the clinic during the week, Dr. Griffith is on The Spokane Dental Society’s Executive Council and the House of Delegates, where he forms a community of other health care providers to influence dental care in Spokane.

The field of dentistry continues to evolve. Dr. Griffith is excited about technology and treatment options such as 3D imaging systems for surgical precision, improved bonding agents, and dentin regeneration products that can reduce the need for root canals and crowns. Patient experience improvements such as in-chair entertainment with Netflix and music videos for patients requiring longer procedure times or more complex procedures will make a visit to the dentist more enjoyable.

Did You Know?

Dr. Griffith portrays a calm and professional demeanor. However, you’d be surprised to learn there is still a bit of a rebel leftover from his hard rock band days in high school, reflected in a large tattoo on his leg, and his taste in hardcore rock music. That may also be why one of Dr. Griffith’s favorite modes of transportation is his dual-sport motorcycle. If Dr. Griffith is alone in the office working on treatment plans, he likely is jamming out to anything from All That Remains to Metallica

Dr. Griffith may be born to be wild under the surface, but he and the team at Grand Corner Dental are always here to professionally and gently care for you and your dental needs with the latest techniques, products, and procedures.

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